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"They keep you tucked in the most strenuous situations"

Tucked Trunks (1 Pack)

$38.00 $78.00


Sizing:28-30in / 71 - 76cm

Tired of your shirts un-tucking and looking messy?

Tucked Trunks is the most convenient way to keep your shirt tucked in all day. Tucked Trunks is also the first ever boxer brief (Shirt Tucker) specifically designed to help keep your shirt tucked in. The brief consists of lightweight materials for overall comfort. A dual waistband, security button system and non slip multi grip technology will aid in your every moment to keep your shirt neatly tucked in and looking sharp!


If your going to wear a boxer briefs anyway, why not wear a boxer brief that will also keep your shirt tucked in?





Always Tucked. Always Sharp.

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A Message from the Founder


Patented non slip rubber in outer band

The world's first patented boxer brief with an elegant yet, modern design made keep your shirt tucked in place. Just grab your Tucked Trunks each morning and you're on your way!

Security Button System

Designed to interlock with your shirt and aid in your every moment to keep your shirt looking sharp and give you even more confidence!

Dual band patented technology

Designed with you in mind, this dual waistband will keep your shirt crisp and tucked in! Go about your day looking SHARP.


We designed Tucked Trunks with care and most importantly to make your life a little easier to look sharp! We know you're busy, this is why we know you will LOVE Tucked Trunks. It's SIMPLE. After-all, if you have to wear a boxer brief, why not wear one that will help you look SHARP as well!