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Tucked Trunks | FAQ | Keep Your Shirt Tucked In | Tucked

Q. How many come in a 1 pack?

1 Tucked Trunks boxer brief comes in a 1 pack.


Q. Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide. There are very few countries we do not ship to at the moment. Please refer to our shipping page for a full list of countries we do not ship to.


Q. Can I order a 2 Pack and have different sizes shipped to me?

Yes. There are some restrictions to this but you can always contact us or chat with one of our agents just to double check, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q. Why did you make Tucked Trunks a boxer brief?

The reason we made Tucked Trunks as a boxer brief is because we got tired of other accessories that took too much time to put on. We wanted to create something that was super easy to use and would become a part of your daily routine just like “ putting your boxer briefs on everyday “ is.


Q. Do I have to wear underwear with Tucked Trunks?

No. Tucked Trunks will replace your current boxer briefs or underwear.


Q. What shirts work best with Tucked Trunks?

All button down shirts will work although we highly recommend stretch cotton to allow more flexibility.


Q. What is the difference between your product and "other products" ?

We do not like to compare ourselves to other products because Tucked Trunks is in a completely different category from all of the other products, primarily because Tucked Trunks is a boxer brief not an accessory. Here are a few things that sets us apart from "other products" that keep your shirt tucked in.

  • Tucked Trunks was designed and created for ultimate simplicity and ease of use. Instead of having to spend 5 minutes before getting ready with other products, you simply grab your Tucked Trunks boxer briefs (as you would any other boxer briefs) tuck your shirt in and you're ready to go in UNDER A MINUTE. Nice and SIMPLE.

  • There are no clips, no magnets, no need to remember where you "left them". You don't have to worry about "losing them" and being stuck with only one of the other products.

  • The best part is that with Tucked Trunks, next time you're traveling for your big business meeting, you won't get stopped by the TSA for setting of the alarms like you would wearing other products.

  • They feel extremely comfortable ( of course ).

  • If for whatever reason you want to wear Tucked Trunks as your daily boxer brief without tucking in your shirt, you also have that option as well.

Q. Do you offer wholesale?

We get this question A LOT and at the moment we do not wholesale but if you are interested in carrying Tucked Trunks, feel free to send an email to . Suject: TT WHOLESALE. Serious inquiries only.

Q. Does Tucked Trunks comes with a button?

No. The button that you see in videos and photographs is the last button of your shirt that will interlock with your Tucked Trunks boxer brief. It does not come with an additional button of any kind.

Q. Will Tucked Trunks make my pants fit better?

No. You should always look to wear a more fitting pair of slacks / pants with Tucked Trunks to give you a more sharp look.


Q. Tucked Trunks has a security button holder in the front, but how will Tucked Trunks keep my shirt tucked in the rear?

Tucked Trunks has a dual waistband with rubber grip throughout the entire waistband providing your shirt with the needed hold that is necessary to keep your shirt neatly tucked. There is no one-size fits all solution for a 360 degree tuck, depending on how strenuous your movements may be, no solution will be 100% perfect. Tucked Trunks is extremely convenient for every gentleman to use and look sharp without the hassle of extra accessories and time wasted on them. That is the magic of Tucked Trunks.

Q. Will you offer different color Tucked Trunks soon?

Yes. We are currently developing a new color Gray. It will be available in the spring of 2018.

Q. Why can’t I just tuck my shirt into my boxer briefs now?

If you want to do that you most certainly can. In fact, that is how Tucked Trunks began! But of course, not only will you not get the tuck you are looking for, but your shirt will make contact with your “junk” & your booty, now that can get a bit “messy”. Let Tucked Trunks take care of your shirt, you can take care of everything else ;)

Q. I can get name brand boxer briefs for half the price of your Tucked Trunks, why are your trunks more expensive?

You most certainly can buy cheaper boxer briefs for around $25.00 usd, BUT can those boxer briefs ALSO keep your shirt tucked in? Probably not. Remember, you are not just paying for a regular boxer brief… you are paying for a pair of shirt stay underwear that not only look and feel good but also keep your shirt looking SHARP! It's a 2 for 1 deal, how can you pass up on that?

Q. Can I tuck in other shirts other than dress shirts with my Tucked Trunks?

Yes. However, we do recommend that the shirt is long enough to be tucked into the actual briefs or else it will not work. The shirt tails have to be long enough so that they will tuck into and at least 3-4 inches below the outer waistband.

Q. What will a female think if they see me wearing a Tucked Trunks boxer brief?

Well for you to get to that stage with your date, you can most likely thank Tucked Trunks for keeping your shirt looking sharp enough so that you were able to get there anyway! If she demands an explanation, just tell her that it is the newest innovation in men’s fashion to help keep you tucked in and on time for your future dates! Think about it this way, there are so many other things out there (do your research) that look WAY funnier than Tucked Trunks. At least Tucked Trunks are boxer briefs, once your shirt is out, she won't even be able to tell.

Q. Will Tucked Trunks damage my shirt?

Not at all. In fact compared to other products that clip onto your shirt, Tucked Trunks is probably one of the few products out there that will NOT damage your shirt. There are no clips, no magnets, nothing. It’s a boxer brief, plain and simple!

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