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TuckedTrunks Review

Guys generally don’t talk about their underwear very often, so when we get their feedback we post them here! 


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" Thanks for the awesome invention. Been searching for something simple like these for a while, glad to see someone came up with them." Victor WI


" Hi Rafael, excellent product. Very comfortable and I look very good. I am ordering another 4 pack for a friend in the USA. Thank you very much. A Hug from Chile. " Miguel C. Chile 


"Just got my 3 pairs today. Love how easy it is to use. I guess you guys were right, I have to wear boxer briefs might as well have one that does both. I will recommend it to my friends. Thanks guys! - Shawn S. Buffalo, NY


" Hey guys, Thanks for the Trunks. I work in the investment banking field and I admit I have tried other things but honestly what I really loved about your product is that it TRULY is convenient . I have a really busy schedule and these come in really handy each morning. Much luck to you guys, fantastic product overall. I'm very happy I found them. - Christopher P. New York, NY 


"Dear Tucked Trunks, I want to say thank you for such an amazing product. I have to say , at first I wasn't really sure how I would feel wearing them but now that I have worn my trunks, I absolutely love them. In fact, I can't imagine wearing my suits without them. I keep wondering where this product has been hiding all these years but i'm so happy I ran into them now. Thanks again for such great service , speedy delivery and an awesome product. - Jason H. 


"I got mine in the mail and absolutely love that they are boxer briefs. Just grab them every morning it's really great! Thanks guys!" - Emerson, New York


"They worked exactly as described. I put them to the test right away doing things I normally do that would make my shirt come un-tucked and the trunks keep my shirt tucked in and looking neat." - Andres, USA 


"I own two pairs. They work soooo well!! I want more!" - Jay P, USA


"I have several different things to help keep my shirt tucked, but this by far is my favorite. The simplicity of it makes it my new favorite. The quality of the material is also phenomenal." - Anthony C, USA 


"Just received my first trunks and I absolutely LOVE them. Thank You!! I will definitely buy more of them!" - Eyal 


" I got my first 2 pairs and they work amazing! I don't have to keep re-tucking my shirt in anymore during the day. Thanks." - Diego.


"Got my two pairs and I love them. Comfortable , simple and really does the job. Very happy, game changer!" - Christopher I. , USA


"Yes, it was very easy and great!" Jhonny P. New York 


"Very Very easy to use. Love the fact that it's a boxer brief. All in one no need for other gadgets and the fabric is awesome as well!" Kemal 


"Love it. Just put them on as I would my regular briefs and it's nice to know that it has the extra feature of keeping my shirt tucked in. Thanks guys! Great product!" Eduardo - Brazil 


"Does what it says. Makes it easy to tuck my shirt and keep it tucked. Nice Concept, saves me time throughout the day of re-tucking shirt." Paul B. New York 


"Truly a game changing product. Love the fact that it's a boxer brief. Genius." Sean - New Jersey