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Top 5 Suits to Wear to Prom

Top 5 Suits to Wear to Prom

Top 5 Suits for Prom

So your big day is approaching and you need to get your outfit game on point! No worries, we are here to help you out with that. If you’re not familiar with how to wear or choose the correct suit, you can check out our article on how to find the perfect suit. Let’s dive right into it and we will keep it as short and sweet as possible! We will help you will put a smile on mom & dads faces when they see you looking all sharp and dapper, and secure you a dance with a lovely lady on the dance floor!

Before we jump into which suits you should consider wearing, let’s look into how to keep your shirt tucked in all night while you dance and have a good time without having to worry about it constantly un tucking. If you want you can always just tucked your shirt in the regular way but of course that will un tuck fairly easy but the new way to keep your shirt tucked in easily is with Tucked Trunks boxer briefs. This is the new way all gentlemen keep their shirts tucked in with ease, they are simple and easy to use and consist of a dual waistband with rubber grip and a button hole in the front band that interlocks with the last button of your shirt keeping it neatly tucked. If you want to see how they work you can check them out here, or if you want to see a video, you can also check that out here. Lets jump into the main thing: THE SUITS!


1. Classic Black Tux

Tucked Trunks Black Suit for Prom
The all time classic black tux. This is the number one spot because most people wear a tux to prom. Although this is just 1 of the 5, this is always the most "common" outfit to wear.

2. Light Gray Suit

The light gray suit is perfect for any occasion especially in the spring/summer time. You can't go wrong with the lighter colors for this beautiful weather.


3. Burgundy Red

If you're feeling a little edgey you could always go bold with an awesome burgundy red suit and of course and awesome statement belt. Make sure your belt matches you shoes! #ruleofthumb


4. Classic Navy Blue Suit

Next we got the good old blue suit. In reality, a perfectly tailored navy blue suit will show people you are boss. It also means authoritative , dominance in the corporate world (which is something you don't have to worry about right now) but it's always good to keep it in the back of your mind for the future! Pair this suit with a nice medium brown pair of oxfords and you are all set to dance the night away!


5. Suspenders

Want to stand out? Just go with a nicely tailored button down shirt and a pair of funky suspenders and you'll definitely get the ladies to stare. It always helps to stand out in a crowd to get the looks! We hope you loved the tips and suggestions, the most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy your night, take lot's of pictures, be responsible and make a lot of memories!


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Top 5 Suits to Wear for Prom in 2018 - Tucked Trunks

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