"They keep you tucked in the most strenuous situations"

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  • Tucked Trunks Black (2 Briefs)

Tucked Trunks Black (2 Briefs)



Sizing:28-30in / 71 - 76cm

"They keep you tucked in the most strenuous situations"

Tucked Trunks boxer briefs are the easiest way to keep your shirt tucked in all day. Tucked Trunks is also the first ever boxer brief specifically designed to help keep your shirt tucked in. The brief consists of lightweight materials for overall comfort. A dual waistband, security button system that interlocks with your dress shirt and non slip multi grip technology that will aid in your every moment without damaging your shirt while keeping your shirt neatly tucked in.


Why wear a regular boxer brief that won't keep your shirt tucked in when you can wear a Tucked Trunks boxer brief and not only have an elegant boxer brief in your wardrobe, but one that will also help keep your shirt looking sharp all day? Win-Win!