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Keep Shirt Tucked in !

How to Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

There are people we have all met at the office who have shirts that seem too baggy or puffy. It could be that the shirt isn’t fitting but that’s not always the case. If you are one of those people who can’t keep your shirt tucked in throughout the day, you need to get yourself in a Tucked Trunks Boxer Brief! With these, you don’t have to keep tucking and re-tucking your shirt for it to remain neat. In simple cost-free moves, we will show you how to keep your shirt tucked in. Tuck in your shirt and keep it so in the following simple moves:

  • Get a shirt that fits.

You don’t definitely expect to look great in an oversize shirt. If you have an over sized shirt, you are likely to come out looking too baggy or puffy. It therefore does not matter how well you try to tuck in your shirt, it is bound to still come out un-tucked. As you can see, struggling to learn how to keep your shirt tucked in without having the shirt of the right size is all but futile. So, buy a close-fitting shirt or take your over sized one to a tailor for some minor adjustments, pair it with your Tucked Trunks boxer briefs and you will remain tucked in and looking neat throughout the day! Simple.

  • Ensure you have a shirt that’s long enough.

Contrary to popular belief the length of your shirt plays a vital role in it remaining tucked in and looking sharp. Your shirts may sometimes come too short to be tucked in. Most of these shirts were never meant for wearing to the office and they do well as casual wear. So, don’t struggle to ponder on how to keep your shirt tucked in if you have a shirt of the wrong length. A good shirt should be at least four to five inches below the belt line. That extra length ensures it remains tucked in under your trouser and could easily be secured by your Tucked Trunks Boxer Briefs as well. You might have to pay more for the shirt of the right length. However, that shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you want to tuck in your shirt and keep it that way.

  • Pay attention to the gig line.

When keeping your shirt tucked in, the gig line should be aligned correctly. The gig line is the imaginary line that goes down the middle of the placket of your shirt, the buckle of your belt, and the seam of your pant fly. If your gig line is its rightful place and you have on your Tucked Trunks Boxer Briefs, then the rest of your tucked in shirt is bound to remain in its place throughout the day.

So, go ahead and maintain that neatness. It will take you places.

Always Tucked. Always Sharp.

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