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A Men's Guide To Dressing Up For Wedding?

A Men's Guide To Dressing Up For Wedding?

Weddings can be tough to dress up for. But for men, at least one thing is sorted. You just need to suit up well because suits are the perfect attire for any wedding. Sure you can go ahead and play around with the look and feel of the suit by trying on different fabrics and colors. Not only that, you can experiment with how you pair your shirt and tie with your suit.

In fact, just one classy suit is good to go. You can just mix and match it different things to come up best looks for a wedding.

Suiting up for a wedding is hence not the easiest affair. So here are a few looks and ideas that we have for you to help you get sorted.

Before we go ahead, here are a few style tips that you should keep in mind while dressing yourself for a wedding.

1. Wear a Pair of Tucked Trunks

Weddings are the time where you want to look your best and extremely sharp so you don’t want your shirt to require tucking in every now and then. Hence, use a pair of Tucked Trunks to keep your shirt neatly tucked in all through the occasion and to avoid the unnecessary hassles.

2. Go for traditional options

The main reason why it is good to wear a suit is that is a traditional option. While there are ways you can experiment with your suit to add that extra dash of style, you are better off with a suit rather than going with anything too funky or fashionable that makes you stand out but not in the best way.

3. Don’t under dress

For situations like weddings, you are better overdressed than under dressed. You don’t want to be that person who seems like he is trying to look casual. Weddings are not the time to go casual and if you under dress, it might even seem disrespectful. So just a plain shirt and tie is not the best option. You can definitely do better than that.

It’s always better to be a little overdressed, especially at occasions like this, then under dressed. The real benefit to that is if you get there and nobody else is wearing a tie, nobody else is wearing a blazer, guess what? You just take it off, leave it in the car, set it on the chair, and you’re comfortable and you’re with everybody else.

4. Don’t Rent Your Clothing

Take out time to find actually what you would like to wear. There are some who might disagree but there is something amazing about actually owning what you wear and about having actually made to your fit. Because weddings are about grandeur and class, don’t compromise on style. Plan your outfit in advance and own your look.

5. Stay in your best look

Some people want to get rid of their heavy tux or coats as soon as they enter the event but that defeats the entire motive behind dressing up. So you might want to choose fabric that doesn’t make you so warm or uncomfortable that you can’t stand it for the entire event. Whatever you aim to wear, make sure it’s a good match according to the weather.

If it is hot, you might want to wear a linen or a cotton blazer. Believe me, there are stylish looks for all weather and season.

6. A Big NO Denim

Denim is officially the worst outfit to wear at the wedding. So don’t make the mistake of picking it up with a blazer hoping that the blazer will compensate for the look because believe me, it won’t. You might just end up looking fairly odd so just stick to a classy pair of pants and don’t even think about wearing jeans.

7. For a day long event, Keep an evening look and an evening look

Though there are a few looks that go well for a day as well as an evening event, but unless you have smartly picked such a look it might be a good idea to wear the same thing throughout the time. Pick wisely for the day as well as the evening looks. You can sport prints and patterns and even go for lighter shades when creating your look for day event but for evening wear stick to solids and pick up royal colours usually on the darker tone.

8. Sport an amazing tie

The importance of a tie can not be discounted upon when dressing for a wedding. A good tie is the one that makes a good style statement and blends well with your overall look.

While there are a lot of options available ranging from solid colors, patterns, and shiny, a new range of wedding ties and luxury ties are gaining popularity because they are stylish and best suited for such occasions.

The tie is a good way to experiment and have fun with your looks. For instance, you could even sport a bow tie that will help you stand out in the most classy and stylish manner.

9. Dress According to the Weather

Generally, tans, light grays, pastel, or bright colors even, greens, blues, reds, all that stuff is great for spring, summer, daytime. Fall, winter, and nighttime are similar too, so I think dark colors, more heavily saturated, there’s navy, black, dark gray, that sort of thing.

Keep that in mind while creating your look as that will make a lot of difference.

10. Put on the Right Attitude

It’s said that the right attitude to wear for the wedding is that of servanthood and honor. When you’re going to a wedding, probably the most important thing you can put on is an attitude of honor, respect, and being able to serve the family and the bride and groom who are there. That’s your job as an attendant to the wedding. That’s probably the most important you can do if you go in with that attitude.

With these cool tips, we also want to suggest to you some amazing wedding looks curated by fashion experts. You might want to have a look at them to get some ideas about how to dress up well for that upcoming wedding.


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