5 ways to style a printed shirt by Tucked Trunks

Printed shirts are a great summer wear option that often adds an element of style. However, styling a printed shirt can be a bit of a challenge. Since printed shirts come in all styles and patterns, pairing them perfectly can give you some of the best looks. While on the other hand, if the look is not well thought of, it could end up in a fashion disaster.

Experimentation is good but it should be well thought of. Prints are an established men’s wear trend these days and they carry a bold statement. It is for this reason that confidence plays an important role in carrying it well.

Before we get into styling a printed shirt, the important thing is to understand what all varieties are there.

One of the common printed shirt categories are the floral print shirts. They give a fresh and energetic look though they might not be best suited for all events or occasions. But yes, if you are in a casual mood or out for a holiday then these shirts are a good choice.

Polka dots are another category of printed shirts. It is simple and sophisticated and quite easy to style as it will go with almost all looks. It does have a slight formal touch to it.

Then there are patterned prints of many things like a mustache, sail boat and anchors which look very trendy and smart. These are also quite easy to style and look good on almost everyone.

Block prints are another category of printed shirts. Like floral patterns, this is also a bit on the casual and holiday wear side.

Another huge category of printed shirts is geometric prints. They are very stylish but since there are too many options with colors and shapes, one needs to be quite selective to land with the perfect shirt.

So, here are a few styling tips to guide you through it.

1. Wear it with confidence

The important part of dressing well is being comfortable. So the biggest advice is to wear a look and then forget about it. The problem with printed shirts is that is can look and feel a bit unusual because it is not an everyday wear. But when you wear it, you need to feel proud of your choice and embrace it till the time you wear it till you take it off. Remember too, with many casual looks you don't necessarily need to tuck in your shirt but if you do, make sure you know how to keep your shirt tucked in properly.

If you feel like it is a little too much, remember that print shirts are for making a statement and not going with the ordinary.

2. Pair it with semi-formal for a smart casual look

Printed shirts give a slight informal feeling and hence they complement semi-formal quite well. This sort of look is perfect for any event or gathering. All you need to do it pair it with really smart pair of pants and you can definitely experiment with the color of the pant. You can choose the pant color based on the color of print your shirt.

But ensure that it is not too much contrast.

While going for this look, you can either tuck in the shirt and pair it with a nice belt. Or you can leave it untucked and pair it with the casual jacket. The idea is to play around with the look and pair casual and semi-formal.

For example, your smart casual look could involve a navy/white polka dot shirt, grey blazer, stone chinos and structured loafers.


3. Pair it with neutral basics

This is most basic and classic look that you can try with a printed shirt and you can be carefree about it looking a bit too much. Just pair your printed shirt with the basic pants and shoes. Let them be of a neutral color so that they blend perfectly with the printed shirt.

If you want to pick a blazer or a jacket, ensure that it also of a neutral color. 

An example of this look is pairing your printed shirt with navy chinos, a beige Harrington and some caramel desert boots.

4. Go for the street wear look

The other option is to go for an all casual look. What this means is that you just pick up a nice pair of jeans and pair it with your printed shirt. You might want to pick a jacket with it. For footwear, you could even pick a pair of sports shoes or any other casual wear.

This is quite a minimal look and it is great for casual wear.

5. Go for the luxury look

What if you want to try something with your printed shirt? You can consider pairing it with a quirky tie. These days, luxury ties are in trend and a plain black luxury tie goes really well with the printed shirt. Pair it with a suit that complements the overall look.

While these are few of the style suggestions that we have curated, feel free to experiment with your own looks as well. How you style your printed shirt will depend on the type of your printed shirt and the occasion for which you are dressing.


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5 Ways to Style a Printed Shirt by Tucked Trunks