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How To Keep Shirt Tucked In | Best Way To Keep Shirt Tucked In 2023

How To Keep Shirt Tucked In | Best Way To Keep Shirt Tucked In 2023

I know you are wondering why should we talk about something so basic like how to keep a shirt tucked in? All too often we see countless men wandering around with their shirts blousing out of their pants and they just look awful! Either they are just rushing out of the house, they really don't care, or they are not using the proper shirt tucking techniques and tools which we will cover in this article! Just because you do something everyday, does not mean that you are doing it correctly. Sometimes an un tucked shirt can be a nuisance more so when you are in a crowd of people, when you are doing a presentation or if you are at a wedding! Nevertheless, a tucked in shirt makes a person look more decent, presentable and professional. In this article you will see all the techniques on how to keep your shirt perfectly tucked in.

What Is The Best Way For a Tucked In Shirt?

Keep it real by doing it the right way. A proper shirt tuck should make the front of your body appear smooth and flat. There should be no wrinkling where the shirt blouses out over the trouser and forms a ring around your midsection. For this we recommend doing the Military Tuck along with wearing Tucked Trunks which we will discuss further in the article.

How To Keep Shirt Tucked In



A well-tucked shirt should sit so that the shirt placket lines up precisely with the fly of your trousers. The belt buckle and trouser button should be centered neatly in the same line. This is called the gig line if you want to know the specific term. Always keep it in mind that a good shirt fit will always make you feel comfortable even when tucked!

Gig Line to Keep Shirt Tucked In

A well-fitted shirt is also sure to be long enough for an effective tuck, while a short shirt will still be in danger of escaping no matter how well you tuck it in. Some of the ways you can tuck your shirt are:

The Basic Way of Tucking

Here is the easiest way to do it. You start by putting your underwear on, then put your shirt and button it and finally pull up your trousers and button it up, your shirt ends up being pinned beneath your trousers as long as your trousers are not too loose. This works well with a fitted shirt and terribly with any other thing.

The Military Tuck

How to military tuck

This is how the armed forces and the navy are taught to tuck in. Different services in different countries have their way of doing it, but the basic principles are all the same. To tuck in shirts in the military,  you start by putting your pants on, but unbuttoned, you close them up quickly after you are done with folding your shirt. The other step is to pinch some of the shirts side seams between a thumb and a forefinger. Fold the seams backward toward your rear end, creating a crease that folds over any loose fabric in the sides. You should use enough pressure to pull the shirt forth, smooth and taut across the front of your chest. Lastly, button you trouser and belt them to hold the pleats flat against your body.

The military tuck can take practice getting the folds straight and flat. It works best in stiff, smooth fabrics that can hold the crease well and firmly.


Tucked Trunks

How to keep shirt tucked in - Tucked Trunks

It is one of the best methods to tuck in. It keeps your shirt tucked in all day. It is also the first ever boxer brief specifically designed to help keep your shirt tucked in. The brief is made up of lightweight materials for overall comfort. It comes with a dual waste band, security button that interlocks with your dress shirt and aid in every moment without causing any damage to your shirt. It keeps your shirt neatly tucked in.

Jacket Tuck

A good and sharp fitting jacket can be used to hide a multitude of sins, one being an oversize shirt. If your shirt is quite full and you wear a coat, you can use it to hide the size of your shirt. This is done by pulling the jacket at the front to hide the extra clothe at the back under your coat and pull down well to tuck in your shirt. Jacket tuck is quite simple as it sounds, and it gives you a smart look. You should not be stressed on how to manage your buggy shirt any longer as you have the best option.

Different Ways on How to Tuck a Shirt for Fashion

  • Full Tuck
  • It is mostly preferred when one is wearing over sized shirts, making it appear fitting. Tuck fit is used in the military to tuck in the shirts. You do this by tucking in the shirt from the front. For it to appear neat, you should tuck in deep into your trousers. After this, you zip your pants and pull out your shirt a little. It brings a bit of the shirt out, making it look tidy.

  • Front Tuck
  • This should be everyone cup of tea. It comes to rescue your look by making you look smart. To do this, you start by tucking the front part of your shirt into the trousers or skirt. You leave the back part of your shirt un tucked and loose. It makes your appearance to be admirable.

  • One-sided Tuck
  • Here is something that might excite you.  It is one of the best methods of tucking, it is effortless, and it will make you look unique from others. It gives you a fresh look and helps you style the same shirt in different ways. It is mostly preferred with shirts that look smaller. You do this by starting to unbutton the last button and tucking one of the side of your shirt on whichever side you prefer. Tuck the other half of the shirt till it is half of it overall circumference.

  • Low Tuck
  • The styles get better, easier, and smarter. The tucking in  process takes less than a minute, and thus even the lazy ones can be able to do it. Low tuck makes you to look super and cool. You do this by starting to tuck your shirt from the front. Tuck it all round and zip your trousers up.

    Keep Shirt Tucked In Device List 2023

    So now that we've gone over the various methods to keep a shirt tucked in, we will go through a list of the top devices that will help you keep your shirt tucked in.

    1. Tucked Trunks Boxer Briefs

    Tucked Trunks - Keep Shirt Tucked In

    Shop Tucked Trunks

    Tucked Trunks are at the head of the list just because they are super convenient to use every single day. Essentially, they are boxer briefs with an extra waistband with rubber grip on the inside band to help grip on to your shirt all while wearing the boxer brief without any additional accessories. Unlike traditional shirt stays or other products, Tucked Trunks briefs are a two for one use boxer brief which makes them super useful and you don't have to carry around any additional accessories unlike with the other products on the market.

    2. Shirt Stays

    Shirt stays amazon

    Shirt stays are most commonly used in the military although they are used now by men that want to have a sharp and professional look as well. Shirt stays, as seen above are pretty straight forward. They are essentially straps that are hooked on to the top half of the socks and the bottom part of the shirt tails of your shirt to keep it in place. The pros to shirt stays are that they have tension on the shirt tails which helps the shirt keep from coming untucked. The cons are that they do take more time to put on everyday as you can see that it will take at least 5 minutes to put on properly. Another thing is that the straps do release from the shirt or socks and fall inside your pants and drag on the floor. These are a few things to keep in mind with shirt stays!

    3. Shirt Lock

    Shirt Lock

    The shirt lock is fairly new as well. How the shirt lock works is it is essentially another "belt" that you put on inside your pants but over your shirt. In theory, this is supposed to keep the shirt in however, with the shirt lock not being supported from rising up, you may face some issues with it rising up without the proper support of keeping it down inside your pants. 

    4. Magnetuck

    Magnetuck Shirt Stays

    Magnetuck is/are magnets that are elevated they look like half a golf ball in shape on one side (but obviously not the size of an actual golf ball) where you place one flat end of the magnet inside your shirt and the "golf ball" looking side on the outside as seen in the photo above. The purpose of it being raised is so that once you fasten your belt, it will hold on to the belt line preferably under your belt line and keep the shirt from coming in place. The pros are that they are small and the magnet is pretty strong. The cons are that after all they are magnets so if you are a business man and you are constantly going through TSA, unless you are a frequent flyer, you will always beep at the checkpoint. Another thing with them is that they are placed at the sides so the rear of the shirt doesn't really have that much support or the front. That is always something to consider as well.

    5. TUKZ

    Tukz Underwear

    Tukz are basically underwear briefs for men and women somewhat like Tucked Trunks but they actually come with clips. These clips, similar to shirt stays clips, are embedded into the actual boxer brief. Unlike traditional shirt stays, TUKZ takes the steps of clipping them to your socks out of the equation. Pros are that they are boxer briefs and are simple to grab and go. Cons are that the rear clips are located on your butt so when you sit down for long periods of time, it can be a pain.

    6. Shirt Gripper

    Hidden Tailor Belt


    The shirt gripper is a rubber belt with studs on it that grips on to the slacks and creates friction so that the shirt does not rise. This is a very nice accessory to have in your arsenal of things to keep a shirt tucked in as well! The pros are that you can adjust it to make it as tight or loose as you desire. The cons are that there is really no downward support meaning there is nothing to keep the actual shirt gripper belt from rising up if you don't wear a belt or wear the belt tight enough. Since they grip on to the shirt without anything holding them down, you must wear a belt tightly around them. This may also cause you to have to order your slacks a few inches bigger to make up for the belt being inside your pants as well.


    Your shirt should not being properly and neatly tucked in should not be something to take lightly. It conveys a very profound message to everyone that first encounters you at a first glance. Follow this guide and try out some of the accessories in this article and see which one works best for you to keep your shirt tucked in. You can always just do the regular tuck, but we all know how long that tuck will last and that is... not very long. A well tucked shirt keeps you neat and looking smart. You should always take pride in the way you look and dress by tucking in your shirt and making sure you are always tucked and sharp all day!

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